SyntaxHighlighter 3.0.83

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SyntaxHighlighter is an open source Java Script client side code syntax highlighter.
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If you are looking for instructions on how to set up SyntaxHighlighter, please refer to the installation page.

SyntaxHighlighter can be configured in 3 different ways.


SyntaxHighlighter.config has configuration values that are common to all highlighted elements on the page and don’t make much sense within context of a single highlighted element. Below are these values:

bloggerModefalseBlogger integration. If you are hosting on, you must turn this on.
stringsObjectAllows you to change default messages, see here for more details.
stripBrsfalseIf your software adds <br /> tags at the end of each line, this option allows you to ignore those.
tagName"pre"Facilitates using a different tag.


      	SyntaxHighlighter.config.bloggerMode = true;


SyntaxHighlighter.defaults holds all default values for each highlighted element on the page. These options are local to each highlighter element and could be changed individually via parameters described in the next section. The list below represent a full list of options that SyntaxHighlighter supports:

auto-linkstrueAllows you to turn detection of links in the highlighted element on and off. If the option is turned off, URLs won’t be clickable. Click here for a demo.
class-name''Allows you to add a custom class (or multiple classes) to every highlighter element that will be created on the page. Click here for a demo.
collapsefalseAllows you to force highlighted elements on the page to be collapsed by default. Click here for a demo.
first-line1Allows you to change the first (starting) line number. Click here for a demo.
guttertrueAllows you to turn gutter with line numbers on and off. Click here for a demo.
highlightnullAllows you to highlight one or more lines to focus user’s attention. When specifying as a parameter, you have to pass an array looking value, like [1, 2, 3] or just an number for a single line. If you are changing SyntaxHighlighter.defaults['highlight'], you can pass a number or an array of numbers. Click here for a demo.
html-scriptfalseAllows you to highlight a mixture of HTML/XML code and a script which is very common in web development. Setting this value to true requires that you have shBrushXml.js loaded and that the brush you are using supports this feature. Click here for a demo.
smart-tabstrueAllows you to turn smart tabs feature on and off. Click here for a demo.
tab-size4Allows you to adjust tab size. Click here for a demo.
toolbartrueToggles toolbar on/off. Click here for a demo.


      	SyntaxHighlighter.defaults['gutter'] = false;
      	SyntaxHighlighter.defaults['smart-tabs'] = false;


Parameters allow you to customize a single highlighted element to your liking. Key/value pairs are specified in the format similar to CSS, but instead of the style node attribute, they go together with the brush declaration into the class attribute.

In such fashion, you can change any default value from the SyntaxHighlighter.defaults.